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The African Basket: Our youthful ushers pass traditional collection plates for the general offering, and on certain Sundays, they also pass a woven basket with an African design. This basket was initially used for contributions to our Sudan School project.
The Sudan school was the idea of one of the “Lost Boys of the Sudan,” Moses Joknhial II, who convinced the Diocese of South Dakota of the need for a school in his village, and then oversaw the building of the school, all done while he was an SDSU student studying aviation.
These days we use Moses’ little basket not only for the Sudan students but also for other special collections on certain Sundays:

◆ 1st Sunday of the month: Sudan School
◆ 4th Sunday: Rector’s Discretionary Fund
◆ 5th Sunday: Ripples Outreach Program
◆ Good Friday: Jerusalem Episcopal Church
◆ One Sunday in June: Thunderhead Episcopal Camp

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