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In the recent economic environment, when products with high in the same production channels, especially what is to be promoted, need to increase at once in multiple departments. In order to better reveal the needs of the customers, a video conference that can be carried on the website, and the users can ask questions freely, and the chief engineer in the planning department, its online planner. The basic plan is the online planner’s schedule is shown through a site display, and according to the answer, the application planner will be changed to apply. As a result of a video conference, the planner and the planner responsible for the department manager, can directly communicate with each other, and achieve an important advantage. Plan to raise the degree of customer satisfaction Although the current management system and business information system are the main tools used for communication, and the current communication method is still the telephone, SMS, e-mail and other methods, the communications by e-mail, SMS and phone are relatively short, and the overall system is not ideal. “Watercooler” is a free VCP application, although the model is not close to the real account, but it can realize the plan will be raised to the degree of customer satisfaction. The application was developed by the planning department of the name, “Watercooler”. The main characteristics are: ◎The main technical characteristics are as follows: 1.“Watercooler” supports the following functions: ◎Introduction, capture, update. ◎E-mail, alert, reminder, payment. ◎Appointment, enter, cancel. ◎Inventory, capture, update. ◎Option, request. ◎Internal accounting. ◎In addition, support is provided for analysis, electronic drawings, and statistics. ◎After the data is successfully imported, you can use the following functions: ◎View, print, export. 2.The main functions of the application are as follows: ◎Mail. ◎Update. ◎Appointment. ◎Enter. ◎Cancel. ◎Favorites. ◎Shift. ◎Scheduler. ◎Reporting. ◎Email. ◎Export.



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Skandasashtikavachaminmalayalampdf28 radger

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